• Local rules:

► Removable obstructions (R.24-1):

The stones in the bunkers

The stakes of course and of 135m, except stakes of out of limit


► Non-removable obstructions (R.24-2):

The paths crossing the ground at holes n ° 1,2,4 and 11.

The stone retaining walls on holes Nos. 2,6,7,8 and 9.

Trees with stakes: the set of trees with guard and / or guy and / or bowl to its foot.

The massifs and any element of the course (washer-ball, panel at departures).

Damage caused by burrowing animals and wild boars.


► Land under abnormal conditions (R.25):

Bare areas in shaved areas (Except divot holes).

At hole 9, the ditch and drain along the right hole: free drop in the edge of the path. If application of rule 25 is not possible.

The roughs abnormally high around the posts of 135m.

Fortunate waters and gullies in bunker: drop free in the bunker.

Traces of machinery, drains, unevenness due to the watering system.

At hole 6: the tree stump at 100m before the finish at the green.


► Water hazard (R.26):

At hole 7: the left lake is a lateral obstacle (Red Piquets) and extends to infinity left in the woods



  • Respect the label

► Avoid testing trips on departures.

► Rake the bunker

► Replace the divots on the fairways and the rough.

► Raise the pitch on the greens.

► No trolleys on the starters and greens, avoid the greens.

► It is forbidden to play on the courses with practice balls.

► Avoid slow play, let the parts go faster than you.

► As soon as you are looking for a ball, let the next game pass immediately.

► Clean or remove your golf shoes before entering Club House or Restaurant.